MOM STORIES from my Portrait Studio-Shannon and her beautiful family

How I met Shannon and her beautiful family!

I met Shannon and her beautiful family when I was hired by Bronson Hospital to take photographs for a Mammography Awareness campaign.  She and four other beautiful women were chosen by Bronson to be the faces of the campaign, which ended up on billboards and informational material around southwest Michigan.  The Bronson shoot was really wonderful, not only because I captured beautiful images, but also because I was able to meet a group of five amazing women.  

Shannon and the beautiful group of women chosen by Bronson Hospital to be the faces of the mammogram awareness campaign which ended up on billboards and informational material around southwest Michigan.

I was immediately drawn to Shannon and asked her she would like to bring her family into the studio for a family portrait...I was full of glee when she agreed! Of course, her husband was a gem and her three children some of the most well behaved, perfectly photogenic little ones I have ever had in my studio (lucky me)! It was a joy to photograph the McBride family.  I think we captured a family at an important time in their lives, and have been in love the images from the session the moment I saw them.  My partner and I have been lucky enough to spend some free time with Shannon, and it seems I run into her all over the town.  It's a wonderful example of the people I get to meet and connect job is a wonderful job indeed!  

On a final note, Bronson has decided to do an update to the mammography awareness campaign.  The five women will unite once again in my studio for another great day of laughter, connection, stories and more beautiful images that I will be proud to be a part of...I cannot wait to see this group of strong, beautiful women!   Take a minute and see what a lovely family the McBrides are by viewingsome of the images from their session! 


After undergoing health issues in 2015, it was really important to me to get a new family photo taken.  I am not a photogenic person and every time I plan to get our family pictures taken, I cringe internally.  Will the kids cooperate?  Will the outfits match?  Will we get at least one good family shot?

Upon meeting Brian and Dan, I knew that our experience would be different this time.   Brian and Dan immediately connected with our children and really captured their unique personalities.  They allowed them to act silly showcasing their unique styles. I loved so many of the prints of the children and it was so hard to choose a favorite. The images of my husband and I were truly wonderful! They captured the heart of our family. I feel so grateful that they took the time to make our family comfortable and look wonderful!  I could never be more pleased and satisfied with the lasting memories that were made.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!   Shannon