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I love to try new things with my high school seniors...  

I love to try new things with my high school seniors.  As a portrait and High School senior photographer in southwest Michigan, the search for beautiful shoot locations is easy.  But I'm always willing to try anything that might be different and unique.  Tucker asked if I could incorporate his guitar in his senior portrait session.

That in itself was nothing new, but when we starting our consult he mentioned he had a ukulele, and electric guitar and an acoustic guitar and couldn't decide which he liked more or wanted to be in his portrait.  This was my chance..."let's do all three!" Tucker was definitely into it, but I could see he was skeptical by the look on his face.  My sentiment was what did we have to lose?  


I created this picture by putting my camera on a tripod, taking three seperate shots and then compositing them together in Photoshop.

To actually get this shot...

To actually get this shot I had to put my camera on a tripod and not move it. We cleared the room and positioned items such as the amplifier and lamp where we wanted them.  Then I took three separate shots of Tucker in the three separate positions with each instrument, making sure nothing else in the room moved between the shots.   I used Photoshop to composite (blend or stack) the three shots together and voila! Tucker and his mom loved this shot and it was super fun and easy to do.  It is one of my favorite shots to try to incorporate into a session.  I have used this technique for other high school seniors as well as families.  I'll blog some of those in the future, but I've included a link below if you want to see a few more.

On a side note: This image was not the final product because I eventually noticed I left my Diet Coke bottle on the bookshelf :) I definitely photoshopped THAT out before I delivered the image, but I thought it was fun to include it here.


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