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My promise to you is to create the most beautiful portrait you have ever had taken, and to have you see the beauty in you that all who love you see.

The most important thing a client ever said to me was that she “had never felt beautiful” until she viewed a portrait I had created of her.   That one small, but important comment was a gift, and has influenced the way I approach photographing a portrait…it is always on my mind as I am working with a client. Positively influencing the way a person feels about themselves is a very powerful gift to receive and to give.

A portrait is not simply a good picture of you.  A real portraits capture more than just a smiling face against a wall, or a subject leaning against a tree…portraits capture the smile in your eyes, the slight expression in your mouth, the emotion in the way you hold your hands.  Portraits capture the depth and the details of a you in a single moment in your life, a snapshot, forever to be viewed, rediscovered and admired for years to come by people who love you.


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I have been a photographer since my days in junior high school, taking pictures with a Brownie camera and participating in the audio-visual club.  I started my career as a film photographer shooting weddings in the 1970's. Since then, I have split my interest and career between Information Technology and Photography, finally landing as a full-time professional photographer in 2008.  

My main focus early on was events and weddings. Currently I am a freelance contracted photographer for several organizations including ENCORE magazine, The University of Michigan, Bronson Hospital & Wings Stadium.  I have found my most rewarding work is portraiture, working with individuals and small groups to capture who they are at a specific moment in their lives.

My studio is in the Park Trades Building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It is a beautiful natural light studio full of props, lights and magic.